Carrier Rewards Card

Hub Group has multiple ways to reward carriers — unlock savings and new opportunities today!



Hub Group's Carrier Rewards Card gives savings on fuel and other purchases at over 14,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada. The Carrier Rewards Card offers:

  • Cash price for fuel: up to .06-$.08/gal savings vs. credit cards (where cash price is offered)
  • Enjoy exclusive fuel discounts at Love’s Travel Stops
  • Additional fuel discounts via other participating locations in the EFS network
  • Access to benefits programs for Hub Group cardholders that offers savings on various trucking related products and services from tires, maintenance, cell phone discounts and more with no membership fees
  • Control over unwanted spending with purchase controls set by you
  • Weekly reporting—no more keeping track of receipts
  • Security with unique Driver ID required on every purchase
  • Streamlined Billing for all your services
  • Online Account Management to easily manage your day-to-day business 
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Already a Hub Group Carrier? Explore the additional benefits of our Premier Carrier Program.

As a Hub Group Carrier you're already enrolled. We reward carriers for service and performance. Benefits include:

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More Favorable
Payment Terms

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Fuel and
Tire Discounts

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Previews of
Procurement Opportunities

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Carrier Rewards Credit Card is issued and managed by WEX Bank. Credit card agreement is between cardholder and WEX Bank.